What is ECOT?

  • ECOT (Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow) is the first and most popular tuition-free online public school in Ohio celebrating its 10th school year with over 10,000 enrolled students in grades K-12.
  • At no cost to families, ECOT provides students with:
    • One-on-one attention from 100% certified and highly qualified teachers.
    • Computer and printer/scanner/copier, as needed.
    • Broadband Internet connection, provided to students at no cost in most areas.
  • Based in Columbus, Ohio, ECOT has provided students throughout the state with a high quality, online public education since the 2000-2001 school year. Over five thousand graduates have earned their high school diplomas at ECOT, and many more will follow in their footsteps.
  • As an online public school, ECOT provides its students with a flexible, tuition-free alternative to traditional “brick and mortar“ public education.
  • ECOT is fully accredited by the Commission on International Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA) and the North Central Association (NCA), and is certified by the Ohio Alliance for Public Charter Schools (OAPCS).
  • ECOT is sponsored by the Lucas County (Ohio) Educational Service Center (LCESC).
  • When deciding to enroll in an Ohio online school, there are some facts you should know:
  • ECOT is the first, largest and most popular e-school in Ohio, and since it opened in 2000, has always been a leader.
  • ECOT has graduated more students than any other e-school and continues to provide the most innovative curriculum and technology.
  • ECOT focuses all its attention on serving Ohio students and has done so for more than a decade.
  • No other e-school has a higher rating on the state report card.
  • ECOT hires only highly qualified teachers who, when working with caring parents, are the key components to ECOT’s success and to the success of its students.
Can I or my child succeed in an online learning environment at home?
We believe that parents, teachers and students should work together to meet each ECOT student’s educational goals. We strongly support parental involvement in the home, while delivering the best educational and technological resources available to give your child the greatest chance for educational success.
The school year at ECOT has already started. Can I enroll in ECOT during the year?
Yes, we know that families may need to make educational decisions at times that do not coincide with our school calendar. It is ECOT’s policy to accept students throughout the year.
Is there technical support available if I or my child experience problems with the computer or online curriculum?
Is there technical support available if I or my child experience problems with the computer or online curriculum?
Will my child be able to access offensive or unauthorized Web sites from his/her ECOT computer?
No, ECOT is not another “Internet school.” ECOT uses a secure Intranet operating on secure servers. Students cannot venture to unapproved Web sites, and outsiders cannot reach ECOT students through the secure firewalls of ECOT’s special Intranet.
Are there services for gifted students or students with physical, developmental or learning disabilities?
Yes, the Department of Exceptional Children specializes in meeting every child’s individual needs. Teachers with specialized training are dedicated, committed and highly qualified to serve all exceptional children.
What does ECOT cost?
ECOT is a public school and is tuition-free for all students. Students will be responsible, however, for providing consumables such as printer ink and paper. There may be nominal fees associated with non-computer related curriculum such as science lab work and field trip opportunities.
Who is eligible to enroll?
Any school-aged student (a student aged between five and 21 years at the beginning of the school year) residing in Ohio.
Will high school students receive diplomas?
Yes, high school students meeting state graduation requirements, including passing all sections of the Ohio Graduation Test, will receive a standard high school diploma upon graduation- not a GED. ECOT has an annual commencement to honor graduates and celebrate the occasion.
Does ECOT provide a computer to use and connectivity expenses?
ECOT provides up to one computer per student at the option of the parent. In most areas, ECOT also offers a high speed cable connection for students to connect to ECOT’s secure Web-based network, or Intranet.
Can a student keep the computer after graduating or leaving the school?
No, ECOT is able to provide students the use of a computer with necessary components only while enrolled in ECOT. Once the student is no longer enrolled, ECOT will collect the computer and all equipment.
How will we communicate with teachers?
Student progress is monitored through ECOT’s learning suite, called IQity. Students and parents may use IQity’s message center to contact teachers at any time and may contact the teacher by phone during office hours.
Will students take achievement tests including the Ohio Graduation Test?
Yes, ECOT students are required to take the state’s achievement tests and all state-required tests. Since these tests must be administered in person, students are responsible for providing their own transportation to regional testing locations and attending all required testing sessions. Like all Ohio students, ECOT students must pass all sections of the Ohio Graduation Test to earn their high school diploma.
So, it seems like ECOT allows its students more scheduling flexibility. Is this true?
Yes. Students can access our system 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Many of our lesson plans may be completed while away from the computer. High school students often work one or multiple jobs while working toward their diplomas.
I have some uncertainty about this type of schooling. How have others been successful?
ECOT is Ohio’s innovator in a new concept of public education. ECOT is able to provide students with a high quality education, innovative learning and the highest level of accountability. Thousands have earned their diplomas with ECOT and thousands are currently enrolled.
  • So many parents, students and graduates have provided overwhelming support of ECOT since 2000. Below you will find just a sample of the wonderful comments that happy parents and students have shared about their experience with ECOT.
  • “I had a bunch of great teachers and staff working with me, and so many times I wanted to go through the computer and give them all a big hug because they never gave up on me.”
  • “ECOT is a wonderful option for parents who really believe in providing a home-based education for their children.”
  • “The teachers are great. They go above and beyond to reach the kids. They make learning fun.”
  • “I like the individualized attention. The curriculum was devoted to him.”
  • “The teachers I have dealt with have been awesome. They make me and my children feel special. I never felt that way with the public school.”
  • “The teachers care about the students. They don’t judge you at ECOT.”
  • “The teachers are really good. If you have a question, they are there. They kept my daughter on track and were patient with her.”
  • “She has a more personal relationship with her teacher, even if it is over the phone. She gets the teacher’s attention all to herself.”
  • “He gets the one-on-one attention he needs without being embarrassed in front of the class.”
  • “The curriculum keeps us going to ECOT. It is well-rounded. He will have the opportunity to take college courses while he is in high school.”
  • “It fits our lifestyle. We didn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn.”
  • “The public schools are not working any more. The teachers have their hands too full. There is disruption and fear of guns, violence, and gangs.”
  • “I was an honor student in my [traditional] public school and in my opinion, I think ECOT is a great schooling system. It is more challenging and the work is harder than in my public school, and I like new challenges.”
  • “I like the ability to work at your own pace, whether that be faster or slower. I think it makes my son more of a self starter and more responsible.”
  • “I like the academic challenges. They have creative projects that make my daughter think.”
  • “Working through ECOT gave my daughter confidence that she could do things that she didn’t think she could before.”
  • “The teachers I have dealt with are awesome. They make me and my children feel special.”
  • “It’s so convenient. If we have appointments, we don’t have to schedule them around regular school.”